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How Juliet Ibrahim Busted Her Ex-boyfriend Cheating On Her

Juliet Ibrahim has now detailed what caused her breakup with Iceberg Slim in a new interview.



Juliet Ibrahim has now detailed what caused her breakup with Iceberg Slim in a new interview.

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The Nigerian musician openly confessed to cheating on the Ghanaian actress but the in-depth of what happened wasn’t disclosed and now, Juliet has shared her side of the story on what transpired.

Speaking on The Delay Show, the actress said her then Nigerian boyfriend convinced her that he is single but insisted they keep their relationship away from the public’s eye.

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Juliet told Delay that the issue if keeping their affairs a secret wasn’t a comfortable thing for her because she was doubting him and was not excited about keeping it private, for fear that he might only wasting her time.

Eventually, what the actress was doubting manifested vividly as she disclosed that Iceberg was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and she only got to know after the lady confronted her when she made their relationship public.

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“When I met him, he told me he had broken up from a four-year-old relationship not knowing he was still talking to the girl and that was the girl that sent me all the pictures chat and stuff that show they were still talking whilst he was with me” she said.

The mother of one added that she was the one who called for the quit upon how things turned out. “I broke it off he didn’t expect it, he didn’t see it come when it happened, he was really devastated” she said during the interview.

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