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Young Beautiful Ghanaian Teacher Trainee Mysteriously Dies Minutes After Protesting Delayed Allowances- Screenshots

Her death comes as a mystery to many of her colleagues as none of them expected it



Life, they say, is short. And sometimes the way death befalls some people is simply inexplicable. Making matters worse is when the person is doing okay in one minute and then in the next minute, his/her death is announced.

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A teacher trainee, who is said to be a student of St. Louis College of Education, has met such untimely death.

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Her death comes as a mystery to many of her colleagues as none of them expected it. Before her untimely death, she was vehemently remonstrating against the delayed allowance for teacher trainees in a WhatsApp group.

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Portions of her message in the group chat read: “Truly if this people think we’re going to wait till graduation for this money, it’s a lie. You don’t know how badly some of us need that money”.

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Check out the screenshot of her chats below:

While we cannot confirm yet, reports say she died of a heart attack right after the argument in the group chat.

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This has left us wondering whether she was triggered in the heat of the argument or what exactly caused her death.

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This is sad and we pray her soul rests in peace.