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Dabota Lawson Attacks Linda Ikeji For Spreading Lies That She Has Bleached Her Daughter



A few hours back, ex Nigerian beauty queen Dabota Lawson posted cute pictures of her three-year-old daughter, with a nice caption to appreciate the child’s presence in her life. A lot of female stars commented nice attributes for the child, but not everyone did so.

Dabota Lawson expressed displeasure at Linda Ikeji who posted an article on her blog that the child had been bleached by her mother. In a lengthy post on IG, Dabota Lawson schooled Linda Ikeja on professionalism, and expressed her desire not to be added to her blog’s articles.

She further shared side by side pictures of her daughter from when she was a few months old to her present age, all indicating that the child was fair from birth and not bleached.

In Dabota’s words, ” This is my baby from when she was a few days old to recent date . You have to be careful not to be consumed and believe everything you see on the internet.
I Learnt that the hard way and I continue to struggle with trying to protect who and what I love.
I am sick and tired of the LINDA IKEJI BLOG PLATFORM. I would like to openly request that they no longer post anything that concerns me .
I’ve never experienced a hate train as fast as that of the LINDA IKEJI platform.”