Ghanaians Always Worship Outsiders Before They Worship Their Own – Efia Odo Jealous Of The Treatment Tacha Has Been Getting Since She Arrived In Ghana

At a glance, one would assume she's just tired of the Ghanaian state of mind in general, but as the saying goes, "if you know, you know".


Seemingly out of nowhere, Efia Odo decided to express her displeasure at her countrymen and women for their penchant for honoring foreigners over their very own.

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At a glance, one would assume she’s just tired of the Ghanaian state of mind in general, but as the saying goes, “if you know, you know”. This rant by Efia has undoubtedly been provoked by the treatment being received by the disqualified Tacha of BBNaija 2019 fame since she landed at Kotoka a few days ago.

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Ghanaians including personalities like Abeiku Santana, Roger Quartey, Afia Schwarzenegger, and the Despite squad gave Tacha an impressive welcome when she arrived at the airport and she has been treated like royalty since.

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This obviously is a hard pill for Efia to swallow as she probably wishes all the attention is being sent her way instead. “Ghanaians will always worship outsiders before they worship their own”, she tweeted. And because she’s in such a foul mood, she pounced mercilessly on a fan who pointed out that she’s guilty of the same thing since she doesn’t reply to his tweets.

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“Are u the only person tweeting me ? Stop being selfish and think about the amount of messages I receive in a day. Plus I don’t stay on twitter all day. I have things to do wai”, she responded to the fan who ended up getting the reply he asked for in the first place.


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