Video: Otile Brown Wins Back His Ex Nabayet after Begging For Months

According to sources, RnB singer Otile Brown has reconnected with his ex Nabayet aka Nabbi and the two seem to be happy again

Otile Brown was for a short time single but not anymore. According to sources, the RnB singer has reconnected with his ex Nabayet aka Nabbi and the two seem to be happy again. They were spotted going out together over the weekend.

Nabayet and Otile broke up almost four months ago. What followed was a series of attempts from Otile’s side to win back the Ethiopian beauty. Not only did he ask for her love back on social media, he also released a song dedicated to her dubbed Nabayet.

When the song ‘Nabayet’ debuted, it did not move Nabbi at all. In fact she took to social media to explain to fans and Otile that she loved him and the song but couldn’t go back to him. The wounds of the break up must still have been fresh.

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The song which is now two months old has over 1 million views and has finally achieved its intention; to reunite the couple as one. The two are now confidently going out and being seen together. Love wins…for now.

Otile Brown and Nabayet

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