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Serwaa Amihere: We Need To Cut Off The P3nis OF Men Who Defile Babies



Sometimes it’s absurd; sometimes one cannot simply wrap their mind around it as to why a grown up person would defile a young child sexually.

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All over the world, societies frown against child molestation, rape, defilement and other such offenses in that category. Some societies take these criminal offenses against children more seriously than others.

And thus the punishment associated with such offenses vary. Typical punishment for offenders may range from serving some years in jail to death sentences.

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Ghanaian TV personality, Serwaa Amihere, seems to have some suggestions to dealing with men who defile babies.

She tweeted that: “What comes over some men to defile babies as young as 3? We need to cut off their penis!”

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Yep, you right that right. Serwaa’s ideal punishment for men who defile young children is to cut off their penis.