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Kenyan Artist King Kaka Releases Song Insulting Politicians Dubbed #Wajinganyinyi, Gets a Reaction From The President Himself



Twitter has been blowing up all day since Kenyan rapper King Kaka released a new single dubbed #Wajinganyinyi. The single which is the fourth from his new album addresses the current political situation in the country.

Rapper King Kaka and President Uhuru

In the song, King Kaka openly addresses the fact that several corruption scandals have been swept under the rug. He calls out top level politicians especially the president for failure to fulfill all the promises made during their campaigns.

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King Kaka goes ahead to call the president among other politicians stupid. He questions the president on what happened to the stadiums, jobs and other reforms he promised Kenyans from his well written manifesto. Many Kenyans stand with King Kaka as communicated from their tweets.

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Subsequently, the president tweeted his opinion on the song writing ” I am disappointed by King Kaka for calling me, Ann Waiguru and others stupid. It is unfair for him to insult us. I shall be fulfilling my promises in the remaining 3 years of our term, or in my extended term.”