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Moesha Buduong Exposes Salma Mumin- Says She Dates Married Men And Covers It Up On Social Media



And so the plot thickens! Moesha Buduong and Salma Mumin are dirtying themselves on social media.

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Only a few hours ago, Salma heaped insults on Moesha calling her all sorts names.

It would be naive of us to think that was the end of the beef between the two so we were looking forward to Moesha’s reply.

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And we got it. According to Moesha, Salma Mumin is pained that she [Moesha] went to CNN to ‘publicly say what she said’.

It would be recalled that Moesha said on CNN some time ago that most Ghanaian ladies depend on sugar daddies for their upkeep.

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Addressing Salma Mumin, Moesha said: “Salma you are worse than me and cover your shit up with your 2by4 business!

“You do a whole lot of shit and then come to pretend on social media it’s all hard work! Stop judging people for the same things you do.”

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Further explaining Salma pain with her, Moeha stated that: “Is it because I publicly said what I said on CNN that’s why you think you are better than me?

“Salma you know I know you very well. Don’t push me. Haven’t you dated a lot married men and still dating them?, she added.

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Judging from how this beef is going, it looks like it will go on for a while and we’ll keep you updated.