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The Beef Between Salma Mumin And Moesha Buduong Gets Ugly As Salma Fires Insults At Moesha



It doesn’t look like the beef between Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong is going to be over soon.

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Actress Salma Mumin, revealed the other day that there is nothing on earth that will move her to speak with Moesha.

In response, Moesha disclosed that although she was once best friends with Salma, she wouldn’t want her as friend either because even they lived in the same house Salma was never a good friend to her.

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Of course, no one expected that Salma would keep quiet about Moesha’s reply. But nobody also expected it could get this ugly.

In a latest series of responses to Moesha’s statement, Salma Mumin has revealed some damning secrets of Moesha which will dent her image for a long time.

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Below are exactly the words of Salma Mumin to Moesha Buduong:

Point of correction, we never lived together! Would love to be reminded just in case my short memory is playing tricks on me.

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And oh, about not wanting me as a friend is a lie. Bitch you tried talking to me at the all white party which I so wasn’t interested.

Brand wasn’t good for me and I didn’t wanna be labelled as whatever you are now! I told people when they asked why we no longer friends including @chante_asante you can ask her.

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Massa you lived in a single room with your and your house stunk as at that time. Dear it was a problem visiting you in your house because of the smell talk less of staying with you.

Anybody who came to your house that time can attest to this ma’am!

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And oh about the surgery, not everyone wanna be deformed like you. Moe that account and some other few fake accounts are your on this gram and I know it for a fact.

And please stop photo shopping the quote about natural women making it! Find a job ma’am! You too jobless. W are growing so grow up wai!

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I even feel embarrassed to be going back and forth with you. I feel so shy because you are one person I seriously don’t wanna be associated with!.

You won’t believe Moesha’s response to Salma after saying this. Read this!