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Video: These are The Consequences of Calling The President Stupid



It has been two days since Kenyan rapper King Kaka released the song dubbed Wajinga Nyinyi. The song hit 1 million views in 48 hours but at what cost?

Immediately after releasing the song, a social media frenzy erupted. Many people voiced their support of the message sang while some including the president were outraged.

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Being on the wrong side of the president in a third world country is never a good thing. King Kaka shared his concerns on social media about his life being in danger. He did not specify from whom exactly so we all must develop our own conspiracy theories about it.

Rapper King Kaka

A video going viral shows the rapper being arrested by police in the wake of the song’s release. There is however no reports that the rapper has been detained. However, 11 bullets were fired into his car yesterday in South B area. He escaped unharmed. Two hours ago, he tweeted “Please pray for the King.”

So now, all we can do is pray; Pray that the courageous voices speaking for those of us who have no voice are given the freedom to keep speaking until change is realized in the nation.

Video of King Kaka allegedly being arrested over song Wajinga Nyinyi