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Holiday Fling or New Bae? Noti Flow Flashes New ‘Mzungu’ Man on Social Media Weeks After Breaking Up With Mustafa

Has Noti Flow moved on with someone else? According to Instagram, she seems to have her hands full with a ‘mzungu’ bae; weeks after splitting with Mustafa



Noti Flow has been enjoying the holidays by the beach these past few weeks; a good way to celebrate being single again after her break up with rapper Mustafa.

Noti Flow and her ex boyfriend Mustafa

The burning question now is whether or not Noti Flow has moved on with someone else. According to Instagram, she seems to have her hands full with a new ‘mzungu’ bae.

Over the weekend, Noti Flow shared intimate videos of herself with her new ‘man’ who goes by Brayan Demartiis. The two seemed to be enjoying their time by the pool at Coral Key Beach Resort.

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In the video, Brayan kisses Noti Flow on the cheek but that is the peak of their online public display of affection. Whether the two are dating or just having a holiday fling, time will tell.

Brayan Demartiis

Last week, Mustafa went on the record to expose Noti Flow’s violent behavior. In a radio interview, he said that Noti Flow used to beat him and throw things at him.

Rapper Noti Flow

If there was any hope of the couple getting back together, it’s all gone now; Killed by Mustafa’s interview confessions and Noti Flow’s new beach boy.