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Frustrated Ghanaian Man Laments Over Rejection Of New GH₵ 200 Note At Game



A video of a Ghanaian man lamenting over the rejection of the new 200 Ghana cedi note has gone viral.

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The new Ghc 200 note was issued by the Bank of Ghana only a month ago- with the aim of reducing the load of carrying cash especially for individuals who transact business with huge sums of money.

Apparently, it is becoming a trend where every time the Bank of Ghana issues new currencies, traders may choose to accept or reject some of them.

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In the re-denomination of the Ghana cedi in 2007, the 1 pessewa coin was rejected by many traders. Till date one cannot use the 1 pessewa coin to transact business in many places.

And now, it looks like a similar thing has happened to the new Ghc 200 note. The young Ghanaian man went to Game to purchase some drinks but his money was rejected by the teller when he wanted to use Ghc 200 note to make payment.

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Out of frustration he decided to make a video to lament the rejection of the new cedi note. He said in the video that:

“I’m paying with Ghana’s money, Ghc 200. The manager here says he’s not going to take the money. The teller here says she’s not going to take the money.”

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“And nobody is going to take my money- which I did not manufacture which is Ghana’s legal tender- to pay for my drinks.”

This is absolutely unacceptable and needs to addressed immediately.

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Watch the video below: