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Updated Story: Here’s Proof That Public Figure Seth Gor is an Abusive Boyfriend

Public figure and funny man Seth Gor was recently accused of hitting his girlfriend Shiko Phyna. The accusation came after Shiko posted stories on her Instagram as proof.



Last week, public figure and funny man Seth Gor was accused of hitting his girlfriend Shiko Phyna. The accusation came after Shiko posted stories on her Instagram supporting the claims.

Seth Gor

However, Shiko who even went to the police to file a report against Seth killed the story before it could escalate. She took down the posts from Instagram but not before talking to gossip reporter Edgar Obare about it.

Thanks to Edgar’s quick and detailed investigation, the entire story of the couple’s fight has made its way to YouTube. Click the video below for the full details on the he-said-she-said story of what transpired that day.

Shiko who had a conversation with Edgar on his DM said that Seth and her went out to a club and had a silly argument that night. Later when they went home, they woke up to the same argument.

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According to Shiko, Seth got angry and threatened her saying he’d hit her hard. She went ahead to tell him to do so and true to his word, he hit her. From the conversation, Shiko said that she was also choked and pinned down hard on the floor where she hit her head.

Seth Gor with fans

From her medical report, she sustained soft tissue damage and blunt trauma from the head injury. She also lost a nail in the process. To add onto the physical abuse, Shiko claimed that Seth abused her emotionally, threatening to kill himself whenever they argued to the point of breaking up.

Following the fight, Shiko went to the doctor to get a report that she was assaulted and for treatment. She also went to the police and filed a P3 form – an action that led to the arrest of Seth. He was however released on bail.

When Seth was asked to comment on the matter, he pleaded to Edgar Obare to let the story slide. He said that he doesn’t like making his relationships public and also said that he and Shiko are fine and nothing happened.

This is the interesting part of the story ;  both parties deleted the messages that they had sent to Edgar and Shiko even told Edgar not to run the story. He did so anyway – The truth cannot stay a secret forever.

Both parties are now uncooperative and will not give statements but enough has been said and done. Now the public can decide who is telling the truth and who is lying.