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Kenyan Ladies Beware: Sex Trafficking Rings Posing as Modelling Agencies are Recruiting Ladies Everyday

The next time you see and ad calling out for models, think twice before applying. You may be applying to join a sex trafficking ring.



The next time you see and ad calling out for models, think twice before applying. Why you ask? You may be applying to be one in many girls being used in sex trafficking rings.

Picture of models

Take a case of a modelling agency in Kenya calling itself Weusiwarembo which translates to black beauties. This so called agency has an Instagram page that showcases all the Kenyan models who they have posted to model in various countries. Check the pictures below;

After enticing women with photos of beautiful models with great salaries, they call in women for interviews that are beyond shocking. When I mention great salaries, I mean monthly remuneration of USD 6000 and above. Crazy, I know!

According to Pauline, a lady called for the interview by Weusiwarembo, these are some of the questions asked; Do you have a boyfriend? How often do you have sex? What contraceptive do you use?

One of the major red flags of this modelling agency is the fact that they have no website. In fact, according to Pauline, the pictures that the agency posts of models on Instagram are of random girls; definitely not Kenyan.

Other questions asked during the interviews are whether the girls smoke weed or drink alcohol. According to a DM sent to investigative reporter Edgar Obare, one of the ladies was even asked about the craziest things she has done when drunk.

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When models are issued contracts by the agency, they are told that the contracts are for 3 years. They are promised that they will be modelling for major brands like Prada, Fendi, Nike, Gucci etc. They are also informed that the brand will cater all their costs from air ticket to accommodation to work permits.

Investigation on Weusiwarembo agency are still ongoing. Therefore, cannot confirm at the moment these allegations of sex trafficking.

However, those with eyes should read this and share. Beware of modelling agencies that operate like this Weusiwarembo agency. The agency recently deleted their page on Instagram.