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Twitter Fight: Artist Victoria Kimani and Radio Queen Miss Mandi Clash

Artist Victoria Kimani and Capital FM star Miss Mandi are at war; well, on Twitter at least. Victoria attacked radio stations and Mandi in particular for not promoting enough local music.



Artist Victoria Kimani and Capital FM star Miss Mandi are at war; well, on Twitter at least. The whole feud started after Victoria attacked radio stations for not promoting enough local music.

Miss Mandi and Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani took to Instagram to say that promoters, DJs and radio stations do very little to support Kenyan music. She however made the issue personal when she mentioned Capital FM’s Miss Mandi in a rather condescending statement.

“@missmandii not sure if you have ever traveled outside of Kenya before in your entire life, but…when/if you do…you will notice that they don’t play any Kenyan music whatsoever other than maybe 2-4 of us. If our radio mirrored that same energy…our charts wouldn’t look this way..but carry on sis,” wrote Victoria.

Miss Mandi went ahead to reply to Victoria’s comment on twitter saying ”Lol, dead ass Victoria Kimani asked me if I’ve traveled out of Kenya. Please please, the sooner you realize you’re not the only one with stamps on a passport the better. Wtf?!”

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Reactions on twitter to this cat fight varied. Victoria Kimani supporters felt like Mandi was missing the point of the statement which is basically that radio stations should play more local content. Others felt she had no right to say such a statement since she seems to be more Nigerian than Kenyan.

Miss Mandi finished her tweets by saying ”Every time you engage her she complains about the same thing yet she isn’t doing much with her music to shift the needle in the game. Outside of features, she gave us only one song this year.”