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Africans Traditions About Marriage



Africans as a people with a great mark for culture is not a debate for the day. But I will like to spoon on a cultural practice of my African people and this is on the issue of marriage.

We live in a society where marriage which is seen as a blessing turns to be a curse for some couples just some few months after they tie the knot. Most marriages collapse simply because of one or two of these beliefs. This piece is subjected for comments as expects you to hit our comment box. The list of traditions about marriage includes:

Marriage is a must. This is the first tradition of the black race. Many people are with the belief that marriage is the most important thing on earth. This is quite unfortunate because it is neither here nor there. Marriage is never the most precious gift from God to man. What every Christian or Muslim should aim at is heaven or paradise and marriage is not a guarantee or visa to heaven or paradise.

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Marriage is a mark of success. Many are with the notion that marriage is a yardstick to determine the success of a man or a woman in our part of the world, if a woman lives to the age forty (40) and still remain single she is identified as the most useless woman on earth.

Such women are labelled as a disgrace to her family and to womanhood at large. Men who live their lives’ under the tree of single life are being tagged as failures in their respective traditional societies.  In this 21st century, men and women who make up their minds to remain single for one reason or the other are tagged as irresponsible and deviant. The very fact that marriage is for matured individuals doesn’t necessarily mean that only matured people gets into the captivity of marriage.

Child Bearing Is a Must. Procreation; is giving birth really the ideal concept of marriage? A ‛yes’ and a ‛no’ option. Traditionally, a woman who marries for two or three years without giving birth begins to receive uncomfortable remarks from her own family and the family of her husband. The woman in question is considered a barren and to some extent considered to have engaged in several pregnancy abortions that might have resulted in the unfortunate ability to conceive. This is never a universal ideology or philosophy about marriage and so one should not be disturbed with this tradition about marriage.

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Every man is entitled to marry ONLY one wife. We are living in the 21st century where civil society organizations and civilian governments have championed the course for women empowerment and are defining all odds to lift the image of women not only in their respective soils but the globe as a whole. If truly what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander then it is equally good for a woman too to marry more than one husband. One will say why must they? I will ask same to men? Frankly speaking, marriage as a union is not for toddlers but rather for matured individuals. If you are with the belief that you can prove your manhood by marrying more than a wife then I think your perception about marriage is not a matured one.

We live in a society that does not frown on at men who commit adultery but considers the woman who from no fault of hers commits adultery as a witch. She is labelled an evil woman who doesn’t deserve to be married by a man so is compelled to divorce. Traditionally this is a common practice in Africa and it has ruined many homes.