Woman Confesses She’s Bored In Her Marriage Because Her Husband Doesn’t Cheat


Okay, so this is dilemma. Do women want to marry Mr. Right or not? Or is it just human nature to find fault with everything? Perhaps the subject of who constitutes Mr. Right for some women ought to be examined thoroughly.

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Because this is hard to grasp and understand. A 40 year old woman, who is a writer by profession, has confessed that she is bored in her marriage because her husband does not cheat.

Like really?- you might ask. Yes, Clare O’reilly is married to her husband Jon who is 43 years old and since 13 years ago they got married, Jon has never cheated on her before.

Clare revealed in a write-up that she is frustrated of being married to ‘Mr. Perfect guy’.

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Narrating that she should have taken a cue from the early days when they were dating, Clare wrote that: “I should have got an inkling of my husband’s perfect moral fiber when we were dating back in 2012. I called in sick to work, planning to surprise him as he worked from home.

However, when I turned up with thoughts of a long, lazy, romantic lunch, he refused to ditch his responsibilities even though we were supposed to be in the first throes of love.

According to her, she ignored those early signs and went ahead to ‘marry Mr. Perfect anyway’.

She adds, however, that “but his ridiculous moral compass has come to be a bone of contention. Simply put I’m bored of being married to a paragon of virtue.”

For any reader, this could be perplexing. Any average woman would be excited to have such and man and enjoy a single day of her marriage.

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Apparently not for Clare, although she concedes that she loves Jon. She wrote: “Don’t get me wrong, I love him and this year we celebrated 17 years together- 13 of them married- but I wish he’d lie, cheat, defame or slander just once so that I could feel better about my own less-than-perfect character.”

She said she is nonetheless fortunate to have Jon- a decent, giving and kind chap- adding that “but it is exhausting being married to someone whose moral fiber is so perfect.”

Source: AfricaCelebrities.com

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