AC Spotlight: Grace Omaboe ‘Maame Dokono’ – The Veteran Ghanaian Actress


Veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe who was populary known in the movie industry in the 70’s remain as one of the pioneers of Ghana movie industry. The season actress, writer, philanthropist, singer and director was well known as in the movie scene as Maame Dokono. Today, takes the spotlight on this amazing Ghanaian actress.

Grace Omaboe got her stage name Maame Dokono after she featured in a televsion seies which was on the only television station in Ghana at the time: Ghana Televsion (GTV) when she played the role as a “kenkey” seller. “kenkey” happens to be a local delicacy of the people of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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She started her acting scene in a series lined “keteke” which was on Ghana Television (GTV). From there, she moved to become one of the most sought after actress of her time when she starred in and produced the 80s Akan drama series “Obra” which won many awards as at the time.

With such immense talent, the award winner also exhibited her writing skill in the movie industry as she enjoyed her days as a writer on Osofo Dadzi in the 70s when she was encouraged by Nana Bosompra to act in a series she co produced called “Keteke” which was a must series to watch at the time.

Her immense screen talent remains as one of the leading legacies the movie indsutry can learn from. Maame Dokono is the founder of Peace and Love Orphanage Home no Gracefully Grace School in Accra, Ghana.

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Today, her respect as far as acting in Ghana is concern remains undisputed as her acting prowess is something worthy that the country can boast of. She is celebrated to raisng the standard high as promoing rich original content and telling Ghanaian stories in a way that created a huge imprint on the minds of the Ghanaian people.


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