Controversial Pastor Ng’ang’a Claims That by June he’ll Have Powers to Sack Politicians

Speaking on the pulpit, controversial Pastor Ng'ang'a shared that by June 2020 he will posses the power to sack government officials from office.


Controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a has taken his televangelism to a whole other level in 2020.

Speaking on the pulpit the pastor shared that by June 2020, he will posses the power to sack government officials from office.

He claims that it will not take so much effort either. He will simply call out the name of any official who needs to go.

By simply calling out the name, the said government official will just start packing their office possessions and resign.

According to pastor Ng’ang’a, his ability to sack politicians will further prove that God exists. It will also validate him as a pastor.

Rapper King Kaka shared the video of pastor Ng’ang’a on his Twitter handle. He also asked fans which officials they would add to the pastor’s firing list.

“Kang Kaka is back with a solution for Kenyans. Who would you put on the list that we are about to give him,” wrote King Kaka.

Twitter fans found the video hilarious coming from pastor Ng’ang’a who many already take as a joke.

One user responded tweeting “Let’s mark the calendar. June is the month my people. Let’s start with the CS who wants to eradicate the locusts with 254 Million from taxpayers.”

Another tweet read ”I want a relationship like the one between Ng’ang’a and his congregation…nothing breaks them apart not even his weird personality.”

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Indeed, no matter how outrageous his preaching, Pastor Ng’ang’a has an enviable following.

Let us wait for June for his ”holiness” to unleash these new powers that will shake up Parliament.

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