‘Craft Over Controversy’ – This is Tanasha Donna’s Message Upon Releasing New Hit Song

Tanasha Donna has today debuted her first song from her #DonnaTellaEP; A collaboration with Tanzanian artist Mbosso dubbed La Vie


Tanasha Donna has today debuted her first song from her #DonnaTellaEP; A collaboration with Tanzanian artist Mbosso dubbed La Vie.

The song which is already a hit is trending at number 4 on YouTube with over 120 K views just 6 hours after its release.

Prior to its release, Tanasha Donna took to her Instastories to talk about some personal matters relating to the EP.

She basically told her followers, fans and critics where her inspiration for the new project came from.

Tanasha spoke about how 2019 was a difficult year for her. This was because of all the criticism and hate she received for dating Diamond Platnumz.

She spoke about how people hated the fact that she was a private person – never posting or talking about things concerning her relationship and family.

“You know 2019 was a good year for me but a very tough, extremely tough year. A lot of negativity, judgement and hate because I happen to date this public figure who is out there…

When something is new for people and they are used to something for so long and see something new, they tend to judge a lot.

People were not used to the fact that I am a private person. I received constant judgement like “how can Diamond date such a girl, she is too simple, she is this and that…”

Tanasha talked about how all that negative energy motivated her to show the world who she is made of.

According to Tanasha, in a world that wants to constantly see controversy, she chose to show them her craft.

She would rather people like her, hate her or judge her for her craft, as opposed to things like relationship drama.

Tanasha also shared that she is not the type to air her dirty laundry. Despite being a public figure, she loves her private life.

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Therefore, to people expecting controversy, all you’ll get is more music, more of her craft and her projects.

‘La Vie’ is just the first of the many tracks lined up in Tanasha Donna’s EP. Expect more songs and more fire collaborations from the mother of one.

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