Medikal Was An Underground Rapper When I Met Him – Sister Derby


AMG signee, Medikal remains as one of the many musicians who came into the limelight by riding on ones shine. One may argue that, Medikal was already a popular musician before he became the fiancé of songstress; Sister Derby. But I disagree to this assertion. To me, Sister Derby was the one who gave Medikal a limelight.

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The fact still remains the same; Medikal was still an underground rapper when he met Sister Derby. In the course of the relationship that was actually to hype both celebrities, the award winner, Medikal was the one who benefited from the relationship as he got the admirations of both fans of himself and the celebrated songstress.

Their collaboration which was lined ‘Too Risky’ was a hit tune as it made it to the list of hit song that came in week in week out on the top music chart across the country. Sister Derby tried her way up with hit singles that also gained massive air play and recognition in the musical circle during her relationship days with Medikal.

Medikal gathered a massive fan base as he became one of the celebrated rappers who had the admiration of those in high school as he identified his strength in performing his rap music with humour. Medikal during his relationship with Sister Derby released some hit tunes like Too Risky, Bra Krom, Confirm and Dab which were all hyped by both Sister Derby and Medikal.

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With support from the fan-base of the lovers, Medikal became the talk in town. Whenever the name Sister Derby or her song was played, Medikal was also in lined. This backs the assertion that Medikal was truly pushed by Sister Derby’s name and popularity since sister Derby was already a player in the music industry.


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