Of High Class High Schools -Kate Actress Takes Son To Form 1, Pays Half a Million in Fees

Kate Actress recently posted a picture enrolling her son into high school; not just any high school but a high class one costing half a million in fees.


Kenya’s favorite actress Kate Actress aka Celina is a high class mother of two with a high class life.

She recently posted a picture enrolling her son into high school; not just any high school but a high class one.

The new mum has enrolled her eldest son Leon into Nova Pioneer School to join form 1. She shared a caption about her sadness in seeing him leave.

“Balancing emotions today, one is leaving, the other one just arrived! Motherhood is a beautiful emotional roller coaster!”

Now, emotions aside let’s talk about Nova Pioneer. Thanks to the internet, we know just how much damage it costs to enroll a child there in high school.

For first term, tuition and boarding fees add up to Ksh. 178,000. For second term and third term, the fees are Ksh. 158,000 per term.

Therefore, for the entire academic year, the total fees add up to Ksh. 494,000. That’s almost half a million shillings.

However, that’s not all. There’s still a one time enrollment fee of Ksh. 4000 and Caution fee that’s Ksh. 10,000.

Good news is that caution fee is refundable when your child graduates. However, damages will be deducted from that Ksh. 10,000 if your child breaks anything in that 4 year period.

Nova Pioneer is one of the best schools in Kenya so I guess the fee fits the facility.

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The school provides state of the art technology, accident insurance cover, incredible meals and private music and sports professionals for extracurricular activities.

Kate actress does not lack money. Together with her famous husband Phil, half a million a year is definitely a worthy academic investment.

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