Slavery and Sex Trafficking – The Unfortunate Future of Many Africans Off to Work in Kuwait

Many Africans who go to countries in the UAE are lured by better paying jobs but end up victims of sex trafficking or slavery.


Many Africans look at jobs in the United Arab Emirates as pots of gold at the end of a rainbow; some sort of saving grace from unemployment in Africa.

However, many of those jobs come at a cost. Several employees who go to these countries lured by better paying jobs end up victims of sex trafficking or slavery.

Living conditions of ”slaves” in the UAE

A Kenyan girl by the name Ivy Wamahiga took to twitter yesterday to post a tweet that stirred up quite the conversation.

”Crazy how last year was hell and now I’ve got a job I DID NOT APPLY FOR with everything catered for in a country with the highest currency in the world.

God is faithful. I’m so blessed. Kuwait is my home now whaat!!” tweeted Ivy.

Immediately after her tweet, several people shared their opinion of her ‘luck’ with more pessimistic comments than optimistic ones.

“Kuwait? Heh…madam I want to hope this ends well for you but I’m not very sure it will,” read a comment from @Timo_Utd

Another user wished Ivy the best but also shared the sad story of his friend who also went to Kuwait for work.

“A male friend got a job in Kuwait as a Data analyst, upon arrival his passport and phone were seized.

He was then taken to his workstation – a quarry to excavate, drill out and carry rocks to trucks. He is now back in Kenya after 2 years of forced labour aka slavery.”

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@denogunner tweeted ”Anyone who has gone to school will tell you that there is no job without qualifications.

If it exists then the rules have been bent for a reason. I wish you all the best all the same.” he finished.

“I’ve just read an article about slavery and sex trafficking in Kuwait. All the best!” read another pessimistic comment.

Many other meaner tweets insinuated that she was going to do jobs that involve using her body.

Kinder tweets were of the opinion that she is going to be a house help of sorts; Many Africans go to the UAE to become domestic workers.

However, there are those who believe that she has been paid to advertise Kuwait as this amazing place.

In so doing, she will attract more people to go there and be used as slaves or worse.

Picture of Ivy Wamahiga

“I’m suspicious whether she actually traveled to Kuwait or she was paid to entice gullible individuals on twitter.

The circumstances don’t make sense…I’m glad that people are aware of the dangers Africans face in Arab countries.” wrote another Kenyan on twitter.

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