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Trending: Newly Released Song ‘Nyoka Ya Shaba’ Stands at no. 1 on YouTube Even Amid ”Gengetone Is Dying” Talks on Twitter

A bunch of renown Kenyan artists just released a gengetone track dubbed ‘Nyoka Ya Shaba’. The song produced by Magix Enga is currently trending at number 1 on YouTube.



Three days ago, netizens on twitter started a discussion on how Gengetone music is getting old.

Amid those discussions, a bunch of renown artists released a gengetone track dubbed ‘Nyoka Ya Shaba’. The song produced by Magix Enga is now trending at number 1 on YouTube.

So really, is gengetone dying? I think not…or at least not any time soon. Here’s the song Nyoka Ya Shaba that Kenyans are all talking about right now.

According to Magix Enga, the now trending song was conceived by Kiss 100 presenters Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe. The two even feature in the music video.

As for the artists in the song, Magix Enga sings together with Exray, Timmy Tdat, Jua Kali, Kristoff and Harry Craze. Kiss 100 Producer Xtian Dela is also part of this new release.

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The video actually debuted on Xtian Dela’s popular YouTube Channel. It so far has over 200K views, a number that is rapidly growing.

In the video’s description box, Xtian wrote “In a bid to keep the gengetone fire burning, Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and I sat down together.

We came up with the idea of bringing together the hottest Kenyan artists on one banging Kenyan jam that will further promote Kenyan music.”

The three radio personalities then approached producer Magic Enga aka Beat King to help them work on the beats.

They then drafted a list of the hottest Kenyan artists both old and new to feature in the song and voila! Nyoka Ya Shaba was born.

Despite the song trending, there are still those who think that gengetone is a waste of time.

A recent tweet on the issue of gengetone read ‘We can’t listen to the same topic daily, after one week we will get bored.

These music videos you can’t even watch in public, they are very disgusting and will drag our youth to mediocrity.

Let’s think of long term things that will be appreciated globally. There are many topics besides sex and drugs.”

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That is just one opinion. To defend gengetone music however, an Arthur Gichuhi wrote “Kenyans are a funny lot.

You don’t want to promote the ghetto music from Kenya co it promotes drug use but when Chris Brown sings about p***sy or Migos about drugs ya’ll don’t complain…or is it coz its in English?”

What do you think. Is gengetone a wave that will go away soon or is it here to stay?