Vera Sidika Seduced Me, I Didn’t Shoot My Shot, She Did – Otile Brown Speaks Publicly

In an interview on Diamond's 88.9 Wasafi FM last night, Otile Brown told the world that Vera Sidika seduced him into dating her.


In an interview on Diamond’s 88.9 Wasafi FM last night, Otile Brown told the world that Vera Sidika seduced him into dating her.

During the interview, Otile Brown was cornered about his relationship with the Kenyan socialite. He decided to come clean with his story.

Otile Brown said that from the start, he did not have any interest in Vera Sidika. It was the socialite who reached out to him.

She texted and called him a couple of times and that is how the two ended up acquainted.

Otile Brown denied all claims that he was the one who reached out to Vera first. He even said that he had never stalked her on social media prior to Vera reaching out.

Their relationship all started with Vera Sidika shooting her shot. Otile said that she “seduced him.”

Their relationship however was good for a while. Otile even released a hit song dedicated to the curvy queen dubbed Baby Love.

Perception and reality are very different. A few weeks ago, Otile aired some dirty laundry between the two showing that their relationship was actually less than perfect.

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He accused Vera of aborting their child because she doubted the baby would be “light skin” enough.

“My baby was aborted because Vera doubted that i’m light skin enough for the baby to come out light skin.

She’d rather be with a wrong guy as long as he can get her a cute light skin baby. What is wrong with the world!” wrote Otile on his instastories a while back.

Otile and Vera’s breakup was a very controversial one and it seems the two might never sit comfortably in the same room.

The two are both however “happily” dating other people. Vera is with her light skin doctor bae while Otile is with his Ethiopian beauty…also a light skin.

In other news, Otile Brown just released a new single dubbed The Way You Are that praises women of all color; both light skinned and dark skinned alike.

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