‘I Have Always Felt Bad For Being Black’ – Twitter Girl Bosibori Defends Her Excessive Use of Filters and Makeup After Being Cyber bullied

A few days ago, a Kenyan girl by the name Bosibori was the victim of cyber bullying on twitter. People harshly made fun of her using two different pictures of her.


A few days ago, a Kenyan girl by the name Bosibori was the victim of twitter cyber bullying.

‘Netizens’ harshly made fun of her using an edited picture of her with make up and another of her bare faced.

Bosibori without make up and with make up/filters

She had however sparked the cyber attack after making fun of Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy. Several people justified the attack on Bosibori as karma.

Now that the dust has settled on the Bosibori cyber bullying saga, Bosibori has come out to explain herself to the people and share how traumatic the phase was to her.

On a Twitter post, Bosibori wrote “The past 3 days have been hell, as much as you see this strong lady here, I had to break down and just cry myself out.

I have had the longest weekend ever and for a moment I felt the world was tearing down on me.

I am human, I have my insecurities and every girl has. Yes this is me when I was vulnerable and really needed help.” she said accepting her picture looking bare faced.

Bosibori shared that at the time the picture was taken, she was at her lowest point. She could not afford to pay rent and was struggling to get by.

She also said that despite both her parents both being alive, they were not financially stable. Her grandmother’s death also weighed heavily on her.

According to Bosibori, her insecurities are what make her use filters and make up.

“I may be black, my skin may not be as beautiful and I have my own insecurities. It’s not fun using makeup and filters.

I have always felt bad for being black, getting teased from childhood always made me feel insecure,” she wrote.

She finished by apologizing to anyone she may have hurt on the social media platform.

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“Honestly this experience has made me learn a lot and I’m writing this sincerely apologizing if I have ever hurt anyone on this app. This was my worst moments and honestly trolls do affect real life.”

This is a simple case of perception vs reality. On twitter, Bosibori calls herself Black Girl magic but clearly she is not comfortable in her skin.

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