Dating a Psycho vs Being The Psycho in a Relationship; an Amberay Discussion

Kenyan socialite Amberay started a discussion on her Instastories regarding the issue of dating psychos. Here's what people had to say.


Kenyan socialite Amberay started a discussion on her Instastories regarding the issue of dating psychos.

The responses were in plenty; from both those who dated psychos to those who were the psychos in a relationship. Let’s get to it.

First response is from a female psycho who wrote “We’d go out drinking and I’d make sure he gets very drunk before we go home.

As he sleeps, I’d sneak into his phone. If it’s locked I would block the line and ask to change the pin with a new PUK.

I knew his ID number so that wasn’t a problem. Once in his phone, I’d put my picture as his profile picture and status and caption it “wifey”

I’d then spend the whole night chatting to the girls who were shocked to see that he has a wife. By the end of the night, all those side chick relationships would be over.”

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Another lady who admitted to being the psycho wrote “We had a baby together with this man then he disappeared and went to live in another estate.

I tracked him down till I found out where he lives. I went and printed posters with his photo, name, phone number.

I distributed them all night all over the estate with information that he is HIV positive. The guy got responsible and now sends upkeep voluntarily.”

A girl who dated a psycho narrated her short story. She wrote “I would go for my regular ‘chama’ meetings.

When I come back home, he would insist on sniffing my p**sy to find out if I’ve had sex with anyone!”

Another lady wrote “There’s a day this guy told me let’s go to the mortuary we see dead people. Apparently he finds it relaxing.” This is just bad sh*t crazy.

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Another story shared read “So my ex had tapped my phone and could tell my whereabouts. One Friday after work I went to Whiskey River club with my colleagues.

When the party was at its climax and I was even grinding on a male colleague, I saw him in the next table looking at me.

He came to our table, confronted everyone and told them that I’m his wife. He pulled me out to his V8 and locked me in there.

He went back in to finish his drink then took me back to his place. I received serious beatings from him that day.”

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The psycho stories go on and on with bits of violence in between from both psycho boyfriends and girlfriends.

If you can relate to any of these stories, you are either a psycho or have dated a psycho before.

If by any chance you are currently dating a psycho, be careful. Things can go from complex annoyance to serious danger.

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