Video: Don’t Try This in an African Store, You Might not Live to Tell the Tale

A Norwalk man was earlier this week arrested after damaging store property and assaulting police for no good reason.


A Norwalk man was earlier this week arrested after damaging store property and assaulting police for no good reason.

The accused, Jason Gilbertie was charged with first degree criminal mischief and two counts of third degree assault.

Jason Gilbertie

He was also charged with breach of peace after the stunt he pulled off at Bloomingdale’s in The SoNo Collection Mall.

So, what exactly did Jason do? From what I assume is having a bad day, he just decided to walk into Bloomingdale’s and trash the store.

Later on when being apprehended by police officers, he assaulted them after already punching a security guard inside.

From video footage, the man was seen randomly throwing store items on the floor, breaking several of them. He also punched and threw items at the security guard who confronted him.

Callers who contacted police reported that the individual knocked down and destroyed store items and also punched a man.

Another witness stated that “A security guard attempted to pepper spray Gilbertie and got attacked.

Responding officers arrived and took Gilbertie into custody after a brief struggle with them.”

The incident which happened between 6.30pm and 7pm on Monday shocked many. We can only imagine what made this man react in such a crazy way.

If such a stunt was pulled off in Africa, the repercussions would be dire. Africans take justice into their own hands.

At the very least, Jason Gilbertie would have received a serious beating from the store owners.

Police in Africa are also not the type you play around with. They would have beaten him probably all the way to the cells or worse.

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Attacking a police man in Africa is one very easy way to sign a death sentence.

Gilbertie is lucky to be a citizen of Norwalk Connecticut and not Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya with that destructive temper.

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