Video: Man Fights With Police Officers After Trying to Commit Suicide in Town and Failing

If you happened to be in Town along Kimathi street today, you might have witnessed quite the scene. A man tried to hang himself from a street lamp.


If you happened to be in Town along Kimathi street today, you might have witnessed quite the scene.

A man was propped up on a street light with a rope and tried but failed to kill himself.

The man created a noose which was suppose to tighten around his neck and kill him. However upon trying to hang, he fell on the street.

What followed after the failed suicide attempt was pure drama and commotion in town.

In a bid to chase the ‘suicidal’ man from the streets, police attempted to beat him up.

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Man wrestles police officers after failed suicide attempt on Kimathi street

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The man however gave them a run for their money. He also fought the police with unbelievable strength.

This brings us back to his ”suicide attempt.” Was this man really trying to commit suicide?

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My bet is that he was just trying to stir drama and maybe gain an audience. However, his means were too extreme.

In Kenya, people become famous for a lot less. Remember githeri man?

The man literally got famous for being photographed eating githeri on the queue for voting during the General Elections.

Fame does not require such intense efforts in Kenya. Some stunts will only get you hurt and earn you a beating from the police.

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