Uncle Ebo Whyte Shares 14 Things To Know About Love


Since we’re in the season of love, we bring you these 14 things to know about love love shared by Uncle Ebo Whyte, who is the CEO of Roverman Productions, an accomplished and award winning playwright and life coach.

1. Love is work. It’s a verb, not a noun.
2. Love yourself. You cannot give what you don’t have and you cannot accept what you don’t recognise.
3. When someone realises that he/she is not worthy of you they move away. Some breakups aren’t your fault.
4. It’s better to BE the right person than to look for the right person.
5. Men spell love as respect.
6. Women spell love as attention.
7. Good and bad relationships have the same problems, the difference is how it’s handled.
8. Women are more intelligent than men give them credit for.
9. Men are more emotional than women give them credit for but society makes men ashamed of showing it so they learn to hide it.
10. Conflict is good in relationships. It’s the reset button.
11. Not all love relationships will end in marriage. Don’t force a relationship that should have lasted for a season into marriage.
12. It’s no shame to have loved and lost. What’s shameful is to not have loved at all.
13. You’ll be alright after a broken heart.
14. You are responsible for your own happiness.

This week we celebrate love so I bring you 14 (14th February 😉) things to know about love:1. Love is work. It’s a verb,…

Posted by Uncle Ebo Whyte on Monday, February 10, 2020

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