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Don’t Approach Me If You Are Not Rich, I Am Not Going To Chop Love – Fantana



Singer Fantana has opened her doors for any man to race for her heart but she has warned boys to stay off her path if they have no money.

In a recent interview monitored by Africacelebrities.Com, the Rich Girl Anthem singer echoed she is ready to mingle but placed emphasis on men with deep pockets.

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She explained that love alone cannot fed or maintain her lavish living so a man must be rich before considering to approach her.

“Don’t be afriad but if you are not rich don’t approach me. If you are rich you can approach me. because you can’t love me if you can’t buy me gidts and everything that i need, then you don’t love me. I am not going to chop love.”

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“I have to pay my bills, i have to do my nails, my hair, my bag, my pants, my shoes and all the things i need.”

Fantana however said she believes Ghanaian guys are afraid to approach her that is why she is still single.

SOURCE: Africacelebrities.Com