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Alex Song Recalls How Thierry Henry Influenced Him To Waste Millions Of Cash On Girls And Luxury Life At Arsenal



Alex Song, Cameroonian professional footballer who also played for Arsenal and Barcelona, has recalled how he wasted all his money on luxury lifestyle during his active days.

Song said he earned £15,000-per-week while playing for Arsenal but spent it all on dinner, trips and expensive cars.

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He added that he was unable to save and little amount of money in his bank account although he was blowing loads of cash on useless lifestyle.

Alex Song sadly said he was strongly influenced by his former teammate Thierry Henry and wanted to live a similar lifestyle.

“I spent eight years at Arsenal, but it wasn’t until my last four that I can say that I started earning a good living, because my salary increased considerably,” Song confirmed in an Instagram video.

“I wasted a lot of money, I was going to expensive dinners, trips and holidays, during those eight years I couldn’t even keep 100,000 pounds in my bank account.

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“I thought I was a millionaire but that was not the reality, I was making 15,000 pounds per week.”

“I signed my first professional contract and I was so excited, I came to training and saw Henry arrive in his car, which was a gem, and I thought I needed the same car no matter the cost.

“Since I was a footballer, I could just go to the dealership, sign some papers and they would give you the car, that’s how I ended up with the same car as Henry” Song explained.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com