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Man Reunites With Family 32 Years After He Was Kidnapped – Watch Video



Emotions were high when a 32-Year-Old Chinese man, who was kidnapped whne he was a toddler, reunited with his real parents on Monday, May 18.

Mao Yin, was abducted from a hotel at the age of 2 and sold to a childless couple but thanks to facial recognition technology, he finally met his real parents.

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He was kidnapped on his way from nursery school after his father shortly left to get him some water in a hotel in Xi’an, a city in China.

According to Chinese state-broadcaster CCTV, the family dedicated their lives in finding their missing child, quitting their jobs to search for him.

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His mother Li Jingzhi posted over 100,000 flyers across the country and went on many television shows asking for help to find her son.

In late April, Xi’an police had a tip off about a man who bought a baby in the 1980s. The report indicated that a facial recognition technology to analyze an old photo of Mao and came up with how he’ll look after three decades.

A DNA test was conducted and Mao was identified as the missing child. They were brought together on Monday at a news conference held by the Xi’an police.

Watch video here.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com