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Teenage Wife Stabs Husband To Death 11 Days After Wedding



A Teenage wife has allegedly killed her newly wedded husband after he approached her with $3x. The 17-year-old claimed she didn’t know intimacy was a marriage obligation.

Salma Hassan, a resident of Itas-Gadau in Bauchi State, told the press that she thought her husband was trying to defile her.

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Shae said when her husband approached her for intimacy, 11-days after their marriage, she refused because she though it was a wrong act. The husband forced himself on her resulting in her stabbing him, she added.

The murder weapon, a knife, was recovered by the police with blood stains on it when Salma was arrested for culpable homicide.

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She said; “We were married. We loved each other.

“I never knew that sex is a marital obligation. On that fateful night when he approached me for sex, I refused him because I have never been involved in it. I thought he wanted to defile me.

“He later got angry and was trying to force himself on me with slaps and beating, then I picked up a knife to scare him away but he kept coming. I didn’t know when I stabbed him with the knife in his chest.

“I have already given my statement. I’m in great suffering. I’m in great bitterness. I don’t know what will happen to me now. But I wouldn’t have done what I did if I knew better.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com