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Girl Fakes Own Death To Avoid Financial Pressure From Her Mum



The Nigerian police has arrested a 19-year-old girl for faking her own death in order to escape family pressure.

Margaret Adiya Ikumu, a househelp who resides in Lagos revealed to the police that she feigned her own death to escape from her mother’s incessant demands.

Spokesperson of the Lagos State police command, Bala Elkana explained that after taking her death, Margaret posted it on social media.

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Her family’s attention was drawn to the post which also stated the deceased has since been by buried by her two friends.

The family further stated that they were able to contact the said friends who confirmed to them that their daughter indeed passed away.

The family subsequently made a complaint. In the course of the investigation, the police discovered that Magaret was actually alive.

Her employer saw the post in social media and caused Margaret’s arrest. When queried the suspect claimed she was fed up with her mother’s financial demands.

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She also added she was angry with her mother and uncles, over their refusal to sponsor her educationbacter her father’s death some years ago.

She said she had wanted to save enough money from her work as a househelp and further her education if she had succeeded with her plan.