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MUST READ: Omokri Reveals How To Avoid Marriage Divorces In 2020



A day on social media is incomplete without reading a controversial message of ‘motivation’ from the all knowing Reno Omokri.

It has become one of the most anticipated posts and he never disappoints. The lawyer turn social media speaker has disclosed the quickest way a marriage can end in divorce and has suggested how to prevent it.

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In his view, if a wedding cost more than the net worth of the sponsor, bride or groom, that marriage began on the path of failure.

Reno said, the number cause of divorce in marriages is money and as such divorce chances increase by a 100% if your overspend on marriages.

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”Husband + Wife + Lots of Debt = problematic Marriage.
“Don’t spend all your money on a wedding and live a marital life in penury. If your wedding is costing more than your net worth, the likelihood of your future divorce increases by more than 100%.

“Money issues are the number one reason for divorce. Google it. Register for my webinar ‘How To Improve Your Productivity and Explode Your Success’ via the link below. I teach how to optimise your life in all areas.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com