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French Court Refuses Bail To Rwandan Genocide Suspect



A court in the French capital, Paris has refused to grant bail to Felicien Kabuga, a Rwandan genocide fugitive who was caught earlier this month.

The court on Wednesday denied his lawyer Laurent Bayon’s argument that Felicien Kabuga should be allowed out on bail because of poor health.

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A wealthy tea and coffee tycoon, Felicien Kabuga is accused of sponsoring Hutu militias who went on a 100-day rampage to massacre more than 800,000 people starting April 1994.

He was also the owner of a radio station that the militiamen used in inciting violence against the Tutsi minority group and other marginal Hutus who would not kowtow to their demands.

The genocide came to an end when the rebel Tutsi force seized the capital, Kigali. This forced many of the frontline Hutu sponsors to flee to neighbouring countries and Europe.

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The fugitive succeeded in hiding for 26 years till a coordinated effort was able to arrest him in the French capital where he was living under a forged identity.

Felicien Kabuga, 87, came to court in a wheelchair looking very frail. He told the court he understood all the charges and went ahead to reject them as outright lies.

The suspect is in court on an extradition hearing in which he has to fight his case to be sent to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.

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His lawyer has denounced the extradition request and made a case for him to be tried in a French court.

A global treaty in place makes it possible for genocide and other serious crimes to be tried anywhere in the world.

A poster of Felicien Kabuga when he was declared wanted