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Canadian Gospel Musician Says He No Longer Believe In God



Jonathan Steingard, a Canadian gospel singer born and raised as a pastor’s kid, had said he no longer believes in God although he sings about God.

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Steingard revealed that losing his religion occurred over several years as he began sharing his doubts to close friends. He added that to his surprise, he is not the only gospel musician how has lost believe in the Christian ruler, God.

The lead vocalist and lead guitarist for the Christian pop-punk band also disclosed he will no longer sing gospel music as he and his band have split into finding other jobs.

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In a lengthy post that was shared on his Instagram account he wrote, “After growing up in a Christian home, being a pastor’s kid, playing and singing in a Christian band, and having the word ‘Christian’ in front of most of the things in my life — I am now finding that I no longer believe in God,” read Steingard’s statement.

“The last few words of that sentence were hard to write. I still find myself wanting to soften that statement by wording it differently or less specifically – but it wouldn’t be as true.”

Read his story below;

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com