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Yoruba Actress Breaks Silence On Why Nollywood Actresses Are Still Single Despite The Numerous Hit And Run



Popular Nigerian Yoruba actress, Oluwatayo Jane Ogunshakin has shared the ordeal that women in the movie industry across Nigeria are going through.

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According to Oluwatayo Jane Ogunshakin, actresses in Nigeria are still single because of the fake lifestyle that they turms to exhibit on social media space.

The celebrated Yoruba actress shared their ordeal as she narrated what Nigerian actresses are going through.

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Oluwatayo Jane Ogunshakin said:

“May God help us. There are several reasons 99% of Nollywood actresses will be single forever. Number one, we are too fake. Many of my colleagues live fake lifestyles, trying to claim what they are not. Believe me or not, serious men actually identify a genuine woman when they see one.

If you are too fake, they will just use and dump you. Another reason is that many of them are not contented with what they have and that is why you see them traveling abroad to enlarge their boobs and boots, not knowing that they are still going to suffer it in the future. Let them go and ask the women with real big Ass what they are facing in their old age.

The load at the backside will be too heavy for the bones of their legs to carry and arthritis set in, then they start walking like Camel. Another factor contributing to Nollywood actresses not having a husband or keep a serious relationship is that many of us have refused to be called black women again, they have washed away their real colours through series of bleaching and whitening creams.

The way some of them smell self is nothing to write home about. With all these facts I have listed above, do you think a serious man will stay with you? Or you think they don’t know what they actually want? Let’s even look at it from the spiritual angle.

There are men who have been told through prophecy not to marry a white woman, such man obviously will exclude a white woman from his choice of woman, meanwhile, the person who has been destined to be his wife has bleached away her real colour, such lady has automatically missed her destined man and she might remain single forever or marry a wrong man, months after the wedding, they return to their father’s house to be a single mother”,

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com