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Notorious Nigerian Blogger Dares Davido To Prove Ownership Of Mansion On Banana Island



Kemi Olunloyo has broken her own promise of ‘minding her own business’ to savagely come at Nigerian singer Davido over his recent claims of owning a property on Banana Island.

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Kemi decided to go south. As the whole world congratulates Davido on his newly acquired mansion on Nigeria’s most expensive real estate, the loudmouth journalist called the singer a chronic liar.

She went ahead to numerate instances where Davido has openly made such wild statements but later turned out to be a clout chasing fluke.

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Kemi dared the leader of 30 Billion Gang to prove ownership of the supposed mansion by posting the title and deed if it indeed belongs to him.

“David Adeleke didn’t post the title of his house. You told us you are buying a new private jet, it was your dad’s. A cooking show for Chioma, never launched, Porsche for Chioma never driven, Wike gave you money to groom artists, no artist. A sick audio clout life”

“In property law, a title is a bundle of rights in a piece of property in which a party may own either a legal interest or equitable interest. It also refers to a formal document, such as a deed, that serves as evidence of ownership. Post your title and deed papers” She tweeted.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com