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Beverly Naya Sheds Tears As She Pours Out Her Displeasure At The Recent Insecurity In Nigeria



Celebrated actress and producer, Beverly Naya just as many other celebrities has poured out all her bottled sad emotions on Instagram following the recent killing and rape cases across the globe with Nigeria’s recent rape case in mind.

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In her post, the screen goddess expressed her anger and displeasure on the recent unfortunate happenings in Nigeria as one young Nigerian lady was raped to death.

According to Beverly Naya, she feels completely drained and it almost feels like she can’t breathe and the pain in her chest is making her gasp for air.

Coupled with the recent death of George Floyd’s death that has resulted in a mob action in the United States.

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The Nollywood sweetheart further revealed that the world isn’t only battling coronavirus. She said there are other epidemics and just like the virus, the numbers keep rising.

Sharing her piece of tears in her eyes, Beverly made this known as she took to her social media page to voice-out her displeasure, check it below:

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I didn’t sleep until 5am this morning. I feel completely drained. As I deal with one horrific story in the news, another hits me over the head with a fire extinguisher… Like the one that was used to kill Uwa after being raped in her place of worship. The news almost feels similar to a bullet piercing through me as I come to terms with the fact that the police may never be our friends, just look at what they did to 16 year old Tina and so many others. I mean, the amount of bad news in the world right now is suffocating, it almost feels like I can’t breathe…the pain in my chest…you would think that there’s a knee pressing down on my neck blocking the very thing that keeps me alive….I’m gasping for air. George Floyd did not deserve that. We do not deserve the continuous hatred we receive from our own people as well as those who simply hate us for the colour of our skin. We are not only battling coronavirus, we have other epidemics and just like the virus, the numbers keep rising. We are battling police brutality, sexual predators, pedophiles, rape apologists, racists, murderers and terrorists. These are all epidemics but unlike Coronavirus, you are not required to cover your mouth in order to survive…you are required to use it! Do not be silenced! We need SCAPEGOATS, we need justice! #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForTina #JusticeForUwa #RapeIsACRIME #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

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