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Top Boko Haram Commanders Killed In Nigerian Army Assault



Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram has counted many casualties after the country’s army engaged them in a deadly encounter.

In a post shared on the official Facebook page of the Nigerian Army, it was revealed that the terrorists clashed with the terrorists on the 26th of May.

There was an exchange of heavy gunfire which resulted in the demise of top commanders of the banned terrorist group.

The statement also listed Manzar Halid, Amir Abu Fatima, Nicap Abu Jamratu AL-Naweer, Kaka Bana and Tareta babakari as some of the deceased commanders.

The post also added that many weapons of the group were seized thus weakening their chances of launching serious deadly campaigns on the Nigerian citizenry.

Boko Haram has waged a decade-old insurgency against Nigeria in a bid to institutionalise Islam as a state religion.

They also want the country to throw away its democratic dispensation and impose sharia law in accordance to Islamic principles. The war has killed tens of thousands of civilians.

The Nigerian Army shared the news on Facebook