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Want To Find Out If You Are Her Boyfriend Or Customer? – Watch Reno Omokri Explain The Difference



Ever wondered if you are the only person in love in your relationship? And it’s as if your girlfriend pays attention to you or shows you love only when she needs ‘something’? Then this post is yours so read carefully.

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Reno Omokri has laid down tips to spot if you are a boyfriend or just a customer to your girlfriend. He shared his thoughts on the injustice ladies subject their partners to in a relationship.

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Reno highlighted that if your relationship with your girlfriend only revolves around the exchange of money, the consider yourself as her customer not a boyfriend.

“Dear ladies,

On your birthday, your boyfriend threw a party for you. On his birthday, you expect him to take you out for a romantic dinner. Yet, you blame Donald Trump for all the injustice on planet Earth. Are you yourself practicing justice in your relationships? In fact, if your relationship is based on you pestering him for money, and him pestering you for coitus, what you have is a commercial transaction, not a relationship. Don’t refer to him as your boyfriend. He is your customer
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SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com