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May I Die If I’ve Ever Lied About Shatta Wale – Joint 77 Curses Himself Live On Radio



The studios of Hits FM was on fire earlier this morning when Joint 77, a former member of the Militants, clashed with Dancehall artist Shatta Wale to settle matters in their label.

Issues in the Shatta Movement camp is not cooling down no time soon. After Shatta sacked the militants for what he claims to be a disrespectful coup to dethrone him.

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Joint 77, who was in the studio, tried to clear the air and also pledge his loyalty to his ‘god father’ but Shatta Wale over the phone did not understand why the musician would grant an interview to lie about him.

Angry Shatta Wale proceeded to call Joint 77 a traitor and all manner of insults even lacing in Joint 77’s parents in the banter.

“F*ck you for loving me. Your mother! Why would you tell me you love me?….You see the car you dey use, I go make them come take am right now!” Wale screamed.

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Joint who was bent on settling issue hastily said may he die if he ever told a lie about the dancehall musician. “If i have ever lied about you or to you, may i die if i drink water”.

Shatta then told Joint not to make dumb statements on live radio or play with the name of God. “I’ll leave you to God…the talk you talk for radio right now set you dey write song, I dey listen all.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com