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Duncan Williams’ Son Drops His First Music Video – The Title Will Break His Dad’s Heart For Going ‘Silly’ On Him



Ghanaian Charismatic Pioneer, the Presiding Archbishop, and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have been in the news of late for all the bad reasons since his irreverent son has chosen the irreligious path in his career.

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For all the bad reasons, Daniel Duncan Williams who happens to be the last-born of the renowned cleric, Archbishop Duncan Williams dominated the blog-space some times ago after he was seen partying in the club with alcohol in one hand accompanied by a light cigar in the other.

This ungodly images, unfortunately, found itself on the internet and it became the talk of the town since his father happens to be one of the respected religious personalities in Ghana.

The Instagram page of Daniel was in recent times also crushed with a video of himself and his girlfriend while they were caught caressing each other in a way that sounds pleasing only to the devil.

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Just a week ago, the embattled son was in the bosom of satan as Daniel leaked his own video with four girls having a good time in the pool, and this time good time was really a good time the ladies in question were not in clothes.

The Archbishop couldn’t stand this test of times as he quickly phoned in for the police to arrest his son, and he was rumoured to have been sent a psychiatry hospital for a check-up.

Interestingly, AfricaCelebrities.Com can’t just tell whether Daniel Duncan Williams has been set free but a post on his Instagram page indicates that the atheistic son is out and has released his first music video as he displays a screenshot of it on his Instagram page.

Check out the post by Duncan Williams below:

Source: Africacelebrities.Com