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Gay Means God Accepts You – Says Popular Homos3xual Nigerian Priest



54-Year-Old Nigerian gay Priest, Jide Macaulay, claims the real meaning of gay is ” God Accepts You, God Adores You, God Anoints You and God Assured You”.

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Jide who founded the first gay church in Nigeria, House of Rainbow, disclosed in an interview with The Huffinton Post how his family struggled to accept his gender and how a bible verse helped him uncover his true identity.

“Over the years, Gay has become powerful for me and as a person of faith, I believe that Gay means God Accepts You, God Adores You, God Anoints You and God Assured You” he said.

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”Being a black gay man is never easy. My journey and education started at home. I was raised in a conservative Nigerian Christian Home and it was also around the time I also discovered the bible text on Homosexuality, particularly in Leviticus. 

I struggled with it at the time but it took me years later for me to reverse the biblical or theological misunderstanding of who I am and what the bible says. The challenge for me is being able to communicate my feelings to my parents and also to my siblings. It did not happen until years later. ” he added.

Jide Macaulay said he hopes his life teaches queer people to believe that they are still God’s children irrespective of their sexual preference.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com

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