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Pastor Chris Alleges The Black Lives Matter Protest Is Satanic



Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, has once again made unsubstantiated allegations on world events that leaves much to be desired.

The popular televangelist known for his miracle crusades shared an absurd interpretation into the world-wide protests that have ensued after a black American, George Floyd was murdered by white police officers.

Sharing his views on world events, Pastor Chris Alleges that the protests, and riots that have engulfed the United States in the wake of the murder of a black man, George Floyd, are not about black lives as they are been portrayed.

The revered pastor revealed that the protests are part of a bigger agenda to abolish the police setup and implant microchips into Americans and other citizens of the world with a view to controlling them.

In a sermon broadcasted across the world, the popular preacher explained that once the police have been taken off the streets, microchips would be implanted into citizens.

This would give the government all the information it needs about its citiznes and thereby make the rates of crime to reduce.

Why is that? (Do) you think it is limited to the Uni-finalsted States? No, it is not. Why are they doing it? It is part of the game. It is simply because they want to come in with the alternative method for security. What is that alternative method? It is total control- RFID microchip. That is what it’s about. And so, you are going to find people getting rid of their police and you will see cities experimenting one after the other. The cities say no police, everyone must get the microchip. And with that, you are going to know everybody. They will know everyone and crime will be controlled and they have got the media to hype it and in spite of its failure, they will praise it like the best thing in the world. That is what it’s about.”

Pastor Chris has been in the news lately for giving out ridiculous narrative on current events that has impacted the world which has drawn condemnation.

He had previously condemned the lockdown imposed on countries due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequently condemned his fellow pastors who supported the measure.

The British communication regulator had him sanction after he also made wild allegations that berated the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as false and a ploy by world governments to install the 5G network which he seems satanic.