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Two-Headed Baby Survives Complicated Childbirth In Uzbekistan – PHOTOS



Doctors in Samarkand, Uzbekistan are baffled as a two-headed baby was safely delivered amid birth complications.

The baby has two separate heads, two sets of organs but with one genital. The baby, according to doctors is believed to be male.

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Dr Dilshod Rakhmonov disclosed to the press that the baby is currently in the intensive care unit fighting for his life.

He further stated that it is the rarest of cases for a child to come out with such complications. In his words, one in 200,000 or 220,000 cases and such babies can live up to the age of 30 or 50.

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The doctor said the baby’s condition could be the result of a marriage between relatives or from radiation exposure.

He said the parents knew about possible conjoined twins before birth which was by Caesarean. They specifically refused an abortion, Dr Rakhmonov confirmed.