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VIDEO: Five Women Arrested After They Were Caught Selling Babies



The police in Nigeria has arrested give women in Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers State as they were trading in the sale of babies.

Roseline Nwokocha from Umuahia believed to be the ring leader was arrested together with her junior sister, Chioma as they were bargaining the sale of a baby.

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She told investigators that she buys the babies for one million naira and sell them to other people at 1.1 million naira making 100,000 naira as her profit.

The five women all had different roles they play ranging from getting the babies to finding prospective customers for their illicit trade.

They were not able to name the couple they claim were in need of the baby that was in their possession at the time of their arrest. The police has since began processes to return the baby to its mother.

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The women will also be arraigned before a law court for trial. If found guilty they could be imprisoned for a substantial amount of years.