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See What D’banj Plans to Do With The Money If He Wins His Law Suit Against Seyitan, His Rape Accuser



Versatile Nigerian musician D’banj has been trending in the news for the past several weeks on the wrong reasons. This was after s middle-aged woman early last June accused him of rape.

Seyitan Babatayo came on social media to tell the world that she was raped by the 4year old musician whose real name is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo.

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After several back-and-forths in the rape allegations, D’banj decided to sue his accuser for defamation of character and demanded a whopping 1.5 million naira ($3.8m) as compensation.

Now the musician has revealed what he intends to use his money for should he win the law suit against his rape accuser.

In a response to a fan’s video in which the musician stopped performing on stage to rescue a lady been harassed by some men, D’banj revealed his intentions.

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The musician promised that he will use the money to help real rape victims who needed the money than he does.

He also took a swipe at so-called feminists whose penchant for greed and free NGO funding makes them to ignore facts and just jump in to damage people’s reputation they have built for years.